What’s great at 50 is discovering that life is beautiful! At 50, it is the age of reason, the perfect age to breathe life!

It is also the age at which you have to put your experience and knowledge at the service of others, so now I have decided to take pleasure with offering you my know-how.

When planning a trip the thrill of discovering a new culture is mixed with the anxiety of not knowing the latest updates. You might be missing something important out that could put the whole programme in jeopardy.

Finding the local partner to trust for your next trip is the most crucial decision.

Stéphane offers a wide range of bespoke services for every aspect of a luxurious lifestyle. He does not work with intermediaries or dealers, he works directly with the service providers and are able to offer his clients the best in classsuper yachts, private jets, real estate and private wealth management.

Discretion, first class services, and professionalism.

At the moment we are just focusing on developing our bespoke services and making sure we have the best luxury management solutions.

Understanding cultural differences is vital. Knowing customs and etiquette is crucial while dealing with high network individuals from various parts of the world.

Stéphane works with many luxury hotels, travel agents and other luxury services providers and always stays on top of the news.

We network, we read, we travel and we always learn.